To Smile Was My Only Inflection



Struggling to Self love in summer

Self portrait. #summer2015 During a time of major transition. When the events in my life had me feeling grimy and less than powerful, unattractive and sore in heart. The sun was brighter and warmer that day, managed to hug me out of bed and into these clothes, onto this chair and under the trees where I could breathe. Suddenly, shit didn’t feel so bad. Reminded me of that unstoppable time on the train from Savannah when I knew then that my existence was never meaningless. And just like that my soul was warmed to the bone. To smile was my only inflection. #tag #theeamazinggrace #girlrillavintage #selflove #sunnydays #soullight #winning


Just reminiscing about the first time Perley visited me in PA. How we talked about my ‪#‎sunflower‬, brother David Berry. He said some beautiful affirmations in honour of his spirit and then played this song in dedication to him. I hadn’t heard this song in so long! I could feel David all around us that moment as if to solidify Perley and I connecting. Brotha always lets me know how he feels even beyond the sky. How beautiful the gesture and what a beautiful song! Thank you P. ‪#‎RestinBruceLeeFlicksmydearbrother‬ ❤

One August Afternoon in Clark Park Philadelphia

she knew that she loved him that late August afternoon in Philadelphia’s Clark Park when her heart gently pulled itself away from her chest to keep up with his quick stride-his dignified step. his soul-alive from the beginning. our magnesian flesh-attatched without warning. nothing less than magikal. only smells of oak shrubs and vegan falafel underneath blistering hot sun. not even our own freedom could’ve prepared us for the journey to come nor the sound of hugh masakela pandora station playing loud from the speakers. instead our good sense felt us through rapid successions of heart beats, iPhones, usies, flirty “ass” gestures, close talk, art and disbelief. flutterflies beneath root chakras had us open. our love extraordinary like supernovas. dared into an abyss of melanin. wide open. two non-corporeal of substance contrasted with the material of our bodies. we longed for each other like missed soul connections or like the last hug received from a loved one that had passed on. prototypes of afrikan descent, overlapped after thousands of years. nothing mattered-time nor reason. our love expressed like breast milk. unabashed the moment we “saw” each other. love archaic before conception. nothing less than a mirakle. solar planets lit the way. sage smoke cleared the path we skipped along. our locs told stories. our kinesics serenaded vulnerable. been singing ever since.

-Thee Amazing Grace

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Vintage Pearl

beautiful time celebrating kimmy and shawns wedding tonight! took a #sexyselfieforperleycooper afterwards. he’s so rad! ambitious vintage pearl! drove his harley 5-hours to atlanta for a dope funk show. told me this photo has an elektrik frida khalo vibe to it! vintage aesthetic. my vintage pearl. #vip #girlrillavintage #theeamazinggrace

PicMonkey Collage

Eff Playing Hard to Get By Thee Amazing Grace

I think the major problem I have with dating is the whole, “play hard to get” vibe. If we digging each other why are we “playing” aside from pleasuring each other? I don’t overstand. Like my homegirl Kim Katrin Milan said, “if you love them at 4am text them and tell them.” I don’t want to hold back how I feel just because of what society tells me is “normal” timing in relationships. I want to reach out when I feel it without fear that I’m being annoying or pushing one away. We know what it is and most know what we want, so yea…I don’t need 9 inch nails in my glitter. I need more glitter. Attractive & honest vibes come to me. -Thee Amazing Grace #gracieberryIMG_7614

We’ve Been Here Before By Thee Amazing Grace

Let us divulge with intention these moments with each other. Let there be no lack of warm hugs or honest laughter. Let us make a fuss of one another. Let us smell the flowers and never pick them-give them water and sniffs. Let our minds expand like our bodies whole yet broken, eager and plentiful. Let our love survive this time-this life time. We’ve been here before. ‪#‎toyoudear‬ ‪#‎theeamazinggrace‬ #gracieberry