PRINCE FIELDER: Brown Baseball Goodness!

I mean damn! All that sexy brown baseball goodness tho?! And those eyes! Phew! His confidence in that beautiful body overrides any hateful thoughts people have about him. He got it going on! ONE ❤ to all that embrace their bodies-wholeheartedly 🙂

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Dearest Ice-Cream Cone

In the spirit of summer-Dearest ice-cream cone, I don’t want to lick you smooth and crunch your cookie crumble. I have the notion to hold you up right and watch you melt. Feel how slow and sticky and wet you drip down my arm-between my fingers. I don’t want to react properly or normally. I want to sit sullenly and stare-receive your expressions. The aesthetic is pleasing. -Gracie 🙂

Aah! Heavenly Skin


Lakin Ogunbanwo, ‘Standing Man (Clothed/Nude)’
This young photographer has emerged from Nigeria’s burgeoning advertising and fashion industries, fusing a pop aesthetic with classic studio performance to create a disturbing visual vocabulary. Playing with complex codes of gender, the body Africaine, taboos and fashion iconography, he creates images that are visually challenging and moving.

I like! Anonymously written as a Command to the Spirit.

“Be contained: within the tomb, within a vessel on the porch, within a gleaming glass vessel impaled on a tree or filled with colored water and set in a window, within a whitewashed rock boundary, within a line of quartz pebbles. Be healed of loss by association with an immortal tree. Be attached to the spiritual flash of mirrors, tinfoil, silver balls and chrome; be warned or exalted by their spirit-repelling and spirit-attracting flash. Complete your circle, travel your life protected by a perforated disk, proof to the witches; say the same thing with a dime on a string, or with a tractor tire planter in a yard (but tell strangers the rubber is just to keep weeds and water out); stud lawn and yard with automobile tires, whitewashed and serrated, like a sun streaming rays; wheel variously, in your car, on your lawn, in your tomb, with radio dials, telephone dials, and clock faces without hands!”

Fireworks & Veterans Be Courtous

After interning with Julz Hardrict at the VA hospital we got to see the harmful effects fireworks have on veterans. To see them screaming, crying, and covering their ears to escape the sounds was sad. Fireworks can cause post traumatic stress disorder PTSD, memories or flashbacks of combat. ––veterans.html