“A woman can bare you. Break you. Take you.” Ladies First Queen Latifah and Monie Love


The ladies will kick it the rhyme that is wicked
Those that don’t know how to be pros get evicted
A woman can bear you break you take you
Now it’s time to rhyme can you relate to
A sister dope enough to make you holler and scream

Ayo let me take it from here Queen excuse me but I think I’m about do
To get into precisely what I am about to do
I’m conversating to the folks that have no whatsoever clue
So listen very carefully as I break it down for you

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily hyper happy overjoyed
Pleased with all the beats and rhymes my sisters have employed
Slick and smooth throwing down the sound totally a yes
Let me state the position, ladies first, yes? Yes

Yeah, there’s going to be some changes in here

Believe me when I say being a woman is great, you see
I know all the fellas out there will agree with me
Not for being one but for being with one
Because when it’s time for loving it’s the woman that gets some

Strong, stepping, strutting, moving on
Rhyming, cutting, and not forgetting
We are the ones that give birth
To the new generation of prophets because it’s ladies first

I break into a lyrical freestyle
Grab the mic, look into the crowd and see smiles
‘Cause they see a woman standing up on her own two
Sloppy slouching is something I won’t do

Some think that we can’t flow stereotypes, they got to go
I’m a mess around and flip the scene into reverse
With what? With a little touch of ladies first

Who said the ladies couldn’t make it, you must be blind
If you don’t believe, well here, listen to this rhyme
Ladies first, there’s no time to rehearse
I’m divine and my mind expands throughout the universe

A female rapper with the message to send the
Queen Latifah is a perfect specimen
My sister, can I get some?
Sure, Monie Love, grab the mic and get dumb

Yo, praise me not for simply being what I am
Born in L O N D O N and sound American
You dig exactly where I’m coming from
You want righteous rhyming, I’m a give you some

To enable you to aid yourself and get paid
And the material that has no meaning I wish to slay
Pay me every bit of your attention
Like mother, like daughter, I would also like to mention

I wish for you to bring me to, bring me to the rhythm
Of which is now systematically given
Desperately stressing I’m the daughter of a sister
Who’s the mother of a brother who’s the brother of another

Plus one more, all four have a job to do, we doing it
Respect due, to the mother who’s the root of it
And next up is me, the M O N I E L O V E
And I’m first cause I’m a L A D I E

Contact and in fact, the style, it gets harder
Cooling on the scene with my European partner
Laying down track after track, waiting for the climax
When I get there, that’s when I tax

The next man, or the next woman
It doesn’t make a difference, keep the competition coming
And I’ll recite the chapter in verse
The title of this recital is “Ladies First”

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KRS-One – Sound Of Da Police


That’s the sound of da police!
That’s the sound of the beast!

Verse One:

Stand clear! Don man a-talk
You can’t stand where I stand, you can’t walk where I walk
Watch out! We run New York
Police man come, we bust him out the park
I know this for a fact, you don’t like how I act
You claim I’m sellin’ crack
But you be doin’ that
I’d rather say “see ya”
Cause I would never be ya
Be a officer? You WICKED overseer!
Ya hotshot, wanna get props and be a saviour
First show a little respect, change your behavior
Change your attitude, change your plan
There could never really be justice on stolen land
Are you really for peace and equality?
Or when my car is hooked up, you know you wanna follow me
Your laws are minimal
Cause you won’t even think about lookin’ at the real criminal
This has got to cease
Cause we be getting HYPED to the sound of da police!


Verse Two:

Now here’s a likkle truth
Open up your eye
While you’re checking out the boom-bap, check the exercise
Take the word “overseer,” like a sample
Repeat it very quickly in a crew for example
Overseer, Overseer, Overseer, Overseer
Officer, Officer, Officer, Officer!
Yeah, officer from overseer
You need a little clarity?
Check the similarity!
The overseer rode around the plantation
The officer is off patroling all the nation
The overseer could stop you what you’re doing
The officer will pull you over just when he’s pursuing
The overseer had the right to get ill
And if you fought back, the overseer had the right to kill
The officer has the right to arrest
And if you fight back they put a hole in your chest!
(Woop!) They both ride horses
After 400 years, I’ve _got_ no choices!
The police them have a little gun
So when I’m on the streets, I walk around with a bigger one
(Woop-woop!) I hear it all day
Just so they can run the light and be upon their way


Verse Three:

Check out the message in a rough stylee
The real criminals are the C-O-P
You check for undercover and the one PD
But just a mere Black man, them want check me
Them check out me car for it shine like the sun
But them jealous or them vexed cause them can’t afford one
Black people still slaves up til today
But the Black police officer nah see it that way
Him want a salary
Him want it
So he put on a badge and kill people for it
My grandfather had to deal with the cops
My great-grandfather dealt with the cops
My GREAT grandfather had to deal with the cops
And then my great, great, great, great… when it’s gonna stop?!

Locs Are a Commitment Beyond Braids: Talk I Had with the White Girl at the Cafe


Locs Are a Commitment Beyond Braids: Talk I Had with the White Girl at the Cafe

So much lyfe happens at the cafe: And, it’s insulting when they call our locs braids. In my opinion braids are not umbilical cord commitments. A young white girl at my local coffee shop said, I like your braids. I had some before. I said, my hair is not braided, it is loc’ed. Matted growths of hair. An umbilical cord commitment. She said, oh my god what does that mean? It was irritating because she was white, previously had locs and didn’t even know it, and kept asking me many questions. Her lack of depth and totality about what is a natural phenomenon of rooted goodness for my hair made me almost intolerable. Yet, I smiled and indulged her because she didn’t shame me and was respectful, more for the sake of love and understanding though. She said, so I had locs, not braids for a couple of years then? I said, sounds like it. She told me about how she couldn’t hang with them. How she felt tortured and weighted down my them. She shaved them off and got instant relief. She asked my advice on what I thought had happened with the ‘real’ reason she shaved them. I told her that its been my experience from having loc’ed hair that they are more alive than dead (although regarded as dead hair). Locs have energy and feed off of the energy of the body, and the bodies spirit- circumstances. Loc energy is alive and well.

They remind me of a baby in the womb mother process. To me each loc symbolizes an umbilical cord connecting us to the mother and the mother symbolizing (god, the creative, spirit). Just as a baby receives life source, nutrients, health and wellness from umbilical cords. Locs are the conduit between you and ‘the creative’, elevating you in the same fashion. And instead of one umbilical cord there are many (locs). Locs are moody and vibrant, and strong like any other living being. They feel, covet, release, confront damn near everything-and at the same time are protective and loathe when their space is invaded, interrupted, stifled. And just as living beings hearts become heavy by changes in life, so do locs and they will often stop growing, cause sensations in the scalp, forcing one to sever the cords. They demand basic living rights and that is to be acknowledged and respected on their journey. They live and die that way. The bond between the creative is a permanent one, even after locs are shaved from the head. I like to think of this connection as spirit-body, sensory, untouched, highly intuitive love frequencies that can’t always be felt, seen or touched. Locs always, always teach us something. I told her that perhaps her locs existed only to bring her to this moment and this moment alone. Her face was grateful and her words matched. I’m please that her and I stuck it out and talked things through. -Gracie

Sneak Preview of OD Magazine’s Mature Women Addition

Elated to be supporting local artists, photographer Mike Sutherland, and models of color. I’m certainly no model, but it was fun playing in front of the camera. Some of the photos from the shoot will be featured in the August issue of a revamped version of this magazine. The overall mission of the magazine is about empowering local female models and artists and that basically includes a lot of photos of modeling content and some artwork. I believe the magazine is in transition. Get into it. Ps: Forgive my ashy ass knees lol! I ain’t wanna oil up hahaha!




You Never Knew Hieroglyphics


It’s not a wrong thing
To be addicted to the microphone like a heroin fiend
I’ll tell you one thing:
You’ll never catch me fronting
As I proceed to give the people what they wanting
[Opio] You’re making some green…
[A-Plus] But not for glamour or fashion
I’m stacking cash until I can get Moms a mansion
[Opio] All from rapping?
[A-Plus] Nah, man, there’s many plans
Like investing in land
It started all from impressing the fans
With brand new flows
And you know
All the way from gangsta clones to weirdos
Fools used those
But we ain’t tripping
Give respect when you see this
You need us
Or your rhymes underdevelop like a fetus

[Pep Love]
Those that know not doze
And it shows
When we broke out the knock
Hoes hopped out they clothes
That’s positive feedback
Yep, The Prose
I’m poised, we never pose, you’ll never know
]From ’93 til infinity we’ve been inventive
Creating the bump is our only incentive
And it’s been a long time since I feel I’ve been felt
But the only thing I fear is fear itself
So you know what we gots to do
Maybe could we keep it within the crew
Like it should be?
Never givin’ out
We’re livin’ out our dreams
If there’s something I can’t live without
That’s my team
You never knew…

Hip-hop is vintage
Underground like silos
Launching long-range ballistics
World-renowned, we ground-breaking
Musical boundaries
Runnin’ circles around emcees

Del — been rhyming for more than a decade
Onto the next stage, while emcees need aid
Stay paid, I’m still grade-A
None of that tomfoolery
As you can see this shit ain’t nothing new to me
Utterly hovering over other things material
You’re stuck in the here and now
Plus you’re sweating profusely — here’s a towel
Your fears are now reality
When I take your dream states
And elaborate on how your team’s fake
Like phony IDs, but sometimes I feel like
Only I see through the charade you’ve made
In today, but hey, tomorrow it’s played
And then they got a new fool in your place to be okayed

Hip-hop is vintage
Invented in days back
Rekindling in ways that many thought was lost
In this contemporary maze of methods to floss
We finding trees and trails to blaze
Boundaries to cross
We can be found beyond the bounds of reason
Or earthbound, heatin’ up the Coliseum

They rushed the stage full-throttle in Chicago
Our brains interlocked
Where fakin’ emcees get caught with the 40-bottle
Or get their chains snatched, pronto
We unstoppable, droppin’ flows in Toronto
Maneuverin’ through Vancouver and on to Japan
Where they put major grands in my hand

Straight from the heart we set apart from the rest an’
Our perfection on the microphone was predestined
World-renowned, we ground-breaking
Musical boundaries
Runnin’ circles around emcees


I Bid You Love In Your Rest: Words to My Brother David


I Bid You Love In Your Rest: Words to My Brother David

Rest in love my baby. I think of you in seconds, never minutes, sometimes for hours. You were powerful in your waking life-lived til you died, so now I bid you love in your rest. You would’ve given your arm to be broken, been kicked by a mule to have anyone love you. I brink on the same reality, only in the dark. In the light I smile-best to covet my need. Sadly, I find myself looking to strangers to fill voids as if they owe me a damn thing. We are not so different after all. We lived to trust, be vulnerable, yet there are limits to this shit. Hard to accept that your eyes see more than mine now. I never wanted that. I always wanted to see for you, carry you, lay down my heart, so you could walk over trouble. Rest in love lil big bro. -Gracie

Open Letter to the Lancaster Newspaper in PA on Maya Angelou’s Death


Open Letter to the Lancaster Newspaper in PA on Maya Angelou's Death

I went to the local Turkey HIll today hoping to purchase a newspaper highlighting Maya Angelou’s death or at the very least a literary work in celebration of her iconic contribution to humanity. Given the weather today and being in somewhat of a hurry I searched haphazardly looking first to the front page of my local newspaper for an article, a blurb, or something about her and nothing. So on my quest I searched a variety of newspapers and happened upon a beautiful front page article by USA today who had done an honorable job highlighting her life. Can someone in Lancaster Pa please help me understand why Maya Angelou’s death didn’t make front page news here? And perhaps I’m over reacting, but I don’t understand how this can happen in 2014 when other icons who’ve passed on have been honorably mentioned on the front page, for example Mickey Rooney who died back in April. I mean she was an internationally respected, African American author and poet, publisher of seven autobiographies, three books of essays, and several books of poetry, and was credited with a list of plays, movies, and television shows spanning more than 50 years. Respectfully, I would like help understanding why she didn’t make front page news? And more curiously if she is mentioned at all in your carbon copy publication aside from the online publication? As a woman of color, deeply affected by her death, and an avid support of the Lancaster Newspaper I need help understanding this. -Gracie

Dedication to misguided people talkin’ smack on mama Angelou

It’s their own inadequacies that they seek to blame, not hers. They are suffering on the inside with stolen dreams from childhood. Had to grow up too fast to survive. And like mama Lou said, “The desire to reach for the stars is ambitious. The desire to reach hearts is wise.” I triple dog dare them to try that on for size. Come up out ya heart see how you livin’. -Gracie
“I just read a post on Instagram that said, “Yesterday you all were twerking and posting half naked pictures and looking for your baby daddies. Suddenly today, you’re phenomenal women?”
I’m going to say the same thing here that I said there — YES. That is one of the most important lessons of Dr. Maya Angelou’s life. You can be ALL of yourself, stumble, fall, rise again and still be phenomenal.
If he’d read any of her books (or Wikipedia, for goodness’ sake), he’d know Maya Angelou was a stripper, madam and teenage mother before becoming a world renowned poet, teacher and writer. That woman LIVED!
Let’s stop the unrelenting policing of women’s choices under the guise of being “respectable”.
Live your life. Learn your lessons. Teach what you know. Leave everyone else to their own journeys.
That’s all any of us can do anyway.”

Direct Quote from L’Erin Asantewaa