The way I live is my bizzness

I’ve been thinking a lot about one of my brothers that’s no longer alive, and how the way he lived seemed a miracle-friends called him “Lucky”. And while this is not easy, especially for me (gawd knows), we must trust the life our loved ones are living. It’s more productive to love them wherever they are-as is. I used to get so angry, sick, judgmental, protective from the choices he made. He would put himself in near death situations and laugh about it. Ever hear family say that ain’t no good for you, and you do it anyway. It’s painful to watch, yet it must be done. My brother wound up dead from living exactly the way he wanted. He never flinched in the fire. He was always brave and lived just that way. It’s bitter sweet. I understand now. ‪#‎dontletnobodystopyou‬ ‪#‎honoryourspirit‬ ‪#‎letgoofcontrol‬ ‪#‎takecareofyou‬

-Gracie Berry-Thee Amazing Grace #theeamazinggrace


Marshawn Lynch: A real live African

“Yea.” The media deserves all of this. They need to pose the right questions. This is an older interview, but after watching several of these they clearly want him to dumb down, be the good ole jive nigger they want him to be. If they can ask dumb ass questions about if he dances with cheerleaders or cares to talk about “Lil Boosie” (wtf?) they can certainly ask him about the things he cares about. He’s pushing back in a major way. I like the “yea” and “maybe” response, shit, it’s an answer. The only moment he spoke at length was about the dinner he planned for the center and they ignored him. It’s not just his youth center, the media absolutely refuses to give credit to a black man or to humanize him in any way. #fuckthemedia #teammarshawnlynch

-Gracie Berry #theeamazinggrace

Your Arms Too Short to Box with God

Listened to some dope hip hop classics tonight. Heard the verse, “your arms too short to box with god” by at least 3 different artists (Nas, Big Daddy Kane, and Wu Tang Clan). Of course I had to google it’s origin. Come to find out the verse was actually the title of a musical written and directed by a woman name Vinette Carroll in 1977. Totally cool! In fact the same woman was the first African-American woman to direct on Broadway, with the 1972 musical “Don’t Bother Me, I Can’t Cope”. Carroll said of the musical, “This is a hymn to us, how the black man, who’s come a long way, must continue moving forward.” And how beautiful that black men in hip hop were the ones quoting her work. ‪

#‎ourlegacy‬ ‪#‎everyday‬

-Gracie Berry (thee amazing grace)

Veteran stage/film actress Vinnette Carroll appeared as Dr. Wynell Thatcher in the Season 7 "AITF" episode "Archie's Operation:Part 1".  Source:

Veteran stage/film actress Vinnette Carroll appeared as Dr. Wynell Thatcher in the Season 7 “AITF” episode “Archie’s Operation:Part 1”.