On Heartbreak From “Nice” People

Honestly, when I’m in the vortex of heartache I really don’t want to be understanding toward the person breaking my heart “beautifully”. Just because they’re letting me down nicely and have good intentions doesn’t mean that my pain or disbelief is invalid. It feels disingenuous, like I’m sacrificing my soul just to be understanding and or accommodating to them. Frankly, the shit hurts and that’s all I care to express. -thee amazing grace #theemazinggrace #girlrillavintage #gracieberry

Ex Lovers Won’t Always Show Up Like This By Thee Amazing Grace

In all honesty when your ex lover or if you are the former lover that falls in love with someone else there ain’t shit that can be done about it. This too is part of life. And life must run it’s course and we only benefit from trusting our experience, cherishing our disappointments, feeling them like goose pimples, thanking them for teaching us many things, for being invaluable to us-knowing that life won’t always show up like this. #mourningaloss #hissilenceismygoldenticketout #theeamazinggrace #ancient #gracieberryIMG_6899

We’ve Been Here Before By Thee Amazing Grace

Let us divulge with intention these moments with each other. Let there be no lack of warm hugs or honest laughter. Let us make a fuss of one another. Let us smell the flowers and never pick them-give them water and sniffs. Let our minds expand like our bodies whole yet broken, eager and plentiful. Let our love survive this time-this life time. We’ve been here before. ‪#‎toyoudear‬ ‪#‎theeamazinggrace‬ #gracieberry