Ase’ Ancestor Affirmations Offerings Voyage & Thangs

Ase’O Beautiful Soul People! 


Finally made it down to a local creek earlier this evening to offer our Ase’ Ancestor Affirmations from my exhibit Shadowkeepers & Roothealers the Original OG’s, that was on view at The Ware Center-Millersville. We uplift the spirits of Olokun, Osun, Yemaya and all of the water Orisha I haven’t discovered yet. 

Transferring the NappyNotes for Safekeeping Watch the Video Below

I was literally chasing waterfalls yall lol! I wanted to be intentional about the final resting place of the affirmations, so I took time searching here and there. Initially, I thought to go down to my favorite watering hole, but that too didn’t quite feel right. I envisioned the affirmations being whisked away into moving water, rushing water. I asked my ancestors for guidance because nothing was resonating in my immediate environment. I went from one idea to the next when suddenly I saw something about water falls and dams in PA. A beautiful light bulb shined over my head, thats when the journey began to find a local spot that had a waterfall or stream of moving water. I kept finding places that were in PA, but over 200 miles away from Lancaster. I thought there has to be something closer to my area. I kept talking to my ancestors about the dilemma and urged them to help me. Plus, I was trying to get things done while the moon still waned because it (conjures to reverse, releases old habits and is good for reflection and divination) exactly what I was trying to do. Finally, I came across Mill Creek Falls which is about 20 miles outside of Lancaster, a 30 minute drive. I was SO HAPPY THAT MY ANCESTORS PROVIDED SUCH QUICK GUIDANCE. Also, I couldn’t help but to notice that the name Mill Creek is also the name of a section in Philadelphia where I spent some of my younger years. Also, my aunt Neece and uncle John raised their family there too. The discovery was like double confirmation that my thoughts were heard. I knew then that I was headed in the right direction.

I drove the 30 plus minutes through rural country, not many people were around. As I turned down McCalls Ferry Rd and began a 7 mile ascension into the falls. I felt an energetic shift as if I was time traveling or entering sacred ground. I wasn’t afraid but filled with excitement. As I approached my destination about a mile out, I saw the longest bridge in the area ever. It almost seemed to slope down, creating steep hills on both sides. It reminded me of a roller coaster and I wasn’t too pleased about that lol! As I got closer, the view from all angles took my breath away. My gaze was steady tho because I didn’t want no problems with the Susquehanna River below lol! After exiting the bridge, I drove back a lonely stretch of dirt road. I parked where I saw signs for the Mason Dixon Trail which is where I wanted to go according to visitors that wrote about their experiences. I took a deep breath and recorded myself walking into the wooded area. I asked for protection as I ventured in even further. It was hot as giraffe nuts and sticky. I walked about 20 minutes before happening upon the sweet spot, creek you see in the video. However, I was looking for the 12 foot waterfall that was apparently near by. I left that sweet little creek to continue exploring the vast area. I found a cool, well preserved canal called, Lock # 12 that has historic ties to the area.

It was one hot ass journey lol! All of the sudden, right after exploring the canal, I decided to keep following the sounds of the water. I got a little nervous for my safety for a brief moment when I encountered a large group of about 25 white folks that looked more like a mob. They didn’t look happy to see me as they were walking towards me on the same bridge I was crossing in the opposite direction. If looks could kill, I’d be dead. Some of them wore racist symbols on their t-shirts like the confederate flag, some had shiny, pink skinned heads, some had goth gear, heavy eye make up and purple lipstick (I liked actually liked the goths style look lol), some had spikes and motorcycle books on that stamped across the bridge LOUD as they stamped over the narrow, creaky bridge, some were young, some were old, some were female, some were male, one of the older men in the back said “howdy” and I said it back, the other said “hi” and I said it back, some just starred as if I had 3 heads lol! But despite how physically uncomfortable I felt on the inside, I forged ahead on the outside, starring back with strong stance and stride because I knew it was my birth right to be there too. Plus, I know that my ancestors don’t play about me, and ain’t bring me this far to meet no fatal demise at the hands of no patriotic white folks. I know I’m protected and knew I was then. I was on a mission and my ancestors saw me through, providing many lessons along the way.

I give thanks to my ancestors for having my back, for helping me come down (like Ma Bendu say’s). They kept me safe and soothed the very tiny spark of fear and uncertainty that passed through my head right out through the bottom of my shoes. They helped me to remember who I am and from what spiritual lineage I come from. They helped me to look to my families bones my West Afrikan, Choctaw and Cherokee ancestors that are alive in my very backbone. Also, I couldn’t help, but think of the horror my ancestors must’ve faced at angry white vigilante mobs out to intentionally kill them, but thats a whole other blog. I give thanks to all of them. I give thanks having been born in this skin, during these days and time. Ase’O!

Deepest gratitude to the Orisha that walk with me too like Esu’ for keeping our messages safe and for clearing the path for me to do the important spirit filled work I drove all that way and intended to do. Blessings to every soul and their 10,000 plus ancestors that took a moment to witness a very special body of work for me that lead to this final phase of my work. A body of work and perspective that goes beyond the paint. 

Down By the Riverside Offering Affirmations, Watch IG LIVE Video Below

Also, want to acknowledge the Afro-Cuban family and their ancestors for adding to the deeply spiritual backdrop as they played Afrikan drums LOUD the moment I began my water offering. That showed me in the flesh right then and there how divinely guided this thang is and that there are layers and nothing can stop power of it. I mean it was as tranquil as nature could be the whole time I foraged around from (birds, streams, water trickling over rocks, insects and other critters scurrying along). The drums were a call and response to something unseen and reaffirmed that my journey was not in vain. My ancestors showed up right on time. It was a pleasant surprise and gave me all the courage I needed in my bones that moment to keep going, to keep wading in the water.

Bayo Akomolafe reminds us that, “We like water are homeless.” Because water as he describes it, in its entanglement, its fluidity, its porousness, serves as an invitation to deconstruct oneself over and over again, to shape shift. Think about the oneness that takes place between the mortal and immortal in the pouring of ancestral libation. And how it’s not simply to remember our ancestors, but is a way to reconfigure ourselves and our members over and over. 

To the 62 people including myself that left Ase’ Affirmations to our ancestors in that bowl, know that your ancestors got your messages long before this moment, I just ushered them out into the universe from an Ifa perspective. Y’all dope! Enjoy this very spontaneous live. Through muffled sounds of my phone speakers going under water you can still hear and feel my vibration through humble grace. I did the best I could being alone out there, so trusting you’ll be encouraged and uplifted in all the ways there is. After walking aimlessly for hours and miles and miles of terrain, I found this beautiful clearing and creek. A home to our most precious Affirmations and notes of gratitude to our ancestors.

My Journey through Slideshow, Watch the Slideshow Below


Ancestors are everywhere and in everything that existed before we were born, just look to the bones. Our bones symbolize truth and wisdom for the memories they hold. Our ancestors can be through blood, those we choose, those we know by name and don’t, spirits in nature, earth, moon, sun, stars as well as people in the lineage of our spiritual practice like the Orisha of the Ifa’ faith, ancestors etc,. My bones tell stories of ancient Afrikan civilizations with Ifa’ aka Yoruba feeling the most like home. What story is in your bones? How deeply do you know yourself beyond the human experience?

Out in the ‘tranquil’ protected by my ancestors and nem.


I created, Ase’ Ancestor Affirmations to serve as an invitation to engage community members and to act as a conduit to the unspoken parts of self as well as a space to honor and acknowledge ancestors from an Ifa perspective through writing on paper. Ase’ Affirmations also serves a places of healthy and transformative communication with yourself as well as between the mortal and spiritual worlds. Ase’O!

Ase’ Ancestral Affirmation Instructions that were on display at the Shadowkeepers & Roothealers Exhibit at The Ware Center-Millersville back in June 2022.


Remember earlier when I mentioned the Afrika drums that played the instant I started speaking about the affirmations? It can literally be heard during my LIVE video. Well, music is the gift that truly keeps on giving. After finishing the last of the affirmation offerings, I emerged from the trees transformed. And couldn’t help notice what sounded like a celebration, festival, something grand happening out in those backwoods. As I approached a clearing to get to my car, I see an Afro-Cuban family having a cookout. There was lots of food, children running about and most memorable the music. They played bachata so loud back there that I thought it was a concert or something lol! I was so relieved to see their flag and their freedom, carefree in the deep of nature enjoying themselves. As I got closer to my car, I finally witnessed where the source of the sound was coming from from as far back as the Afrikan drums I heard earlier. There were multiple speakers on top of his vehicle, so loud that it vibrated my solar plexus and I could feel hot air coming from them at every baseline. It looked like they were shooting a video out in the parking lot. I could tell no one lived remotely near by because they were having a ball with not a care in the world. The vibe was lit. The whole experience made my day! Watch me emerge from the woods in the video below. And to think I was a little nervous earlier.

Emerging from the woodsy Mill Creek Falls, Watch the Video Below

We don’t have to be spirit whisperers to maintain a healthy relationships with our ancestors. When we honor them in even small ways, we honor ourselves and all connected to us. Ancient teachings are alive in our bones we just have to remember and ask for guidance to reveal it. And just as in any meaningful relationship, our bonds with our ancestors calls for care, consistency and renewal. Our ancestors can become a tremendous source of healing, empowerment, and nourishment in our families and everyday lives if we allow it. 


Shout out @therealprcptn for the dope Tee! 🙏🏾

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