Sun salutations for my mama

She’s been around heavy these days. I swear it’s only a thin veil that separates this world and the next, we just have to trust that and stay in contact. ⁣

Haven’t spoken poems off the top of my head and heart in a long time. Thoughts of my mama will make me do that though lol! Thank you for being kind and being here mama. I love beyond.

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Enjoy! ⁣☀️


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My Mamas An Ancestor

Always been super intuitive, but my intuition could’ve never prepared me for losing my mother. She was the first human being to ever break my entire soul and heal it at the same time. ⁣
Next month marks 12 years since she’s been my ancestor. Found out from city hall that I will be installing my art exhibit at Amtrak on the very day the medical examiner called to tell me they found her. I was all shaken up about it, at first, yet realized the inherent blessing it is. How she likely helped to orchestrate the decision lol! ⁣

I will honor her legacy that day as I do everyday by continuing to build mine, instead of grieving her death. We always had a deeply spiritual bond even through the abuse and turmoil and nothing has ever been able to stop that. As we reach toward each other always. Thank you mommy! ⁣2nd 📷 Circa 1997

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The incantation is upon you.⁣




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Still I Can Smell the Cesspool

Ancestors, we are winning despite how things may appear or feel. That our disappointments must be the source of our inspiration. That our lives are not defined by the problems we face.⁣


Still I can smell the cesspool. All this really stinks. Thick air. Children in cages. Women groomed as little girls to never tell. Holding her brothers box of ashes with bare hands. White folk moving into the only hoods our black skin ever touched. ⁣

⁣No time. No space for us to grasp or grip or grieve, yet we breathe, we hold you in high regard. Always. We know your truth leads our way. Rest in love and light to all those that have surrendered their breath. Thank you for this bit of peace you left behind. ⁣


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The sting of betrayal

I think the easiest thing after a betrayal by someone we love is to question the validity and worth of ourselves in comparison to the betrayal. When in reality our worth isn’t tied up into anyone, but ourselves. That the betrayal likely started long before these moments. The betrayal might’ve been why we left in the first place. I found out on social media that a person I was recently romantically involved is getting married.

I’m sharing this because my heart is hurt. My heart is not hurt because they’re getting married. My heart is not hurt because I’m not happy for them. My heart is not hurt because I want to be in a relationship with them. My heart is hurt because I didn’t hear it from them. My heart is hurt because I thought so highly of this person. My heart is hurt because of the nature of our friendship, how intentional we were to remain. My heart is hurt because we respected each other. My heart is hurt because they didn’t grant me the opportunity to celebrate them. My heart is hurt because up until now we’ve been gently and lovingly transparent about EVERYTHING, even when it hurt.

For anyone feeling the sting of betrayal today, know that it has nothing to do with you. Know that our lives will go on, will thrive just as they always have. Know that we are enough during this transformative time. I recall my umi’s words, “We can wallow in self-pity for a little while, just don’t stay there”. We’re responsible to forgive the betrayal of ourselves for this person. We gotta create the closure we need. Take time and space.

In love and kindness, wishing them all the best.


Condiment Aisles Aren’t Even Safe for Black Folk

This black woman has had enough of hateful ass white people. Standing in the condiment aisle at GIANT Grocery Store on Columbia. You know how we sort of get stuck in one place (descisons, decisions)? Several folks mirrored the same. His very old, ignorant ass shuffled back and forth several times. I noticed him for that reason. He stopped next to me and said, “OK, what gives? What are you doing here? You don’t have a basket or anything.” I’m like huh? He repeated. I said, “Too bad it’s not obvious.” He went on, “You should at least have a basket.” I asked, “Does it look like I’m in fucking captivity?!” He walked off mumbling “testy” “get a basket then”. He complained to whoever would listen.

Instantly, “I’m the angry black woman” when he racially accosted me in the condiment aisle. A young, white guy told him that he was out of line because he didn’t say that to anyone else. I thought, of course he didn’t say that to anyone else because no one else was black. No one else, he could use his false sense of entitlement on. Young guys sentiment wasn’t enough. I wish white folks would call other white folks exactly what they’re when that happens, blatantly racist. #racismwillnotwin #thisisamerica


Mamas Nurture Grew My Love

Fully realized 😍! Thankful to the healthy first beginnings I shared with my young mother. How she (begrudgingly breastfed, cuddled, hugged, and sweet talked me) as I developed. The language was love in a less than favorable environment. A language, I translated to cultivate my own love experience. And no matter how the foundation bottomed out, the love she passed along did not. Gace face. Sharing for you mama. Rest well lady.


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