To the Maia Campbell’s of the World, We love you!

IMG_5349We always have the opportunity to value someone in a low place. A friend and I met a gentleman of #afrikanfacedescent yesterday who was visibly troubled. He stumbled through each step like a baby first learning to walk. His hands and arms were badly swollen and bruised. His shoulder was injured, covered in a thick, bloody gauze. His eyes were glazed over. His clothes were disheveled, draping over his frail bones. He looked fucked up! As my friend and I approached we asked how we could help him. He could barely speak. We probed until finally he agreed to some water. I ran to my house to grab something cold. It was hot out there! We encouraged him to seek medical attention, but he refused. He told us that he was a accosted by the police the night before and all he wanted was to go home. He never told us where home was. But we stayed with him, listened to him, put water on his neck, showed him that he matters. He finally got the strength to continue on to his destination. He reached to give us hugs and thanked us for our help and told us he would never forget us. His eyes became brighter just for a moment. We embraced him, tight because healing is what he needs. He might’ve been on #dope but none of that mattered. My mother was #crackaddicted and didn’t survive. Human beings are spiritual beings and they need love. Sending all my love to #maiacampbell who needs all the love she can receive.



Marshawn Lynch: A real live African

“Yea.” The media deserves all of this. They need to pose the right questions. This is an older interview, but after watching several of these they clearly want him to dumb down, be the good ole jive nigger they want him to be. If they can ask dumb ass questions about if he dances with cheerleaders or cares to talk about “Lil Boosie” (wtf?) they can certainly ask him about the things he cares about. He’s pushing back in a major way. I like the “yea” and “maybe” response, shit, it’s an answer. The only moment he spoke at length was about the dinner he planned for the center and they ignored him. It’s not just his youth center, the media absolutely refuses to give credit to a black man or to humanize him in any way. #fuckthemedia #teammarshawnlynch

-Gracie Berry #theeamazinggrace