Marshawn Lynch: A real live African

“Yea.” The media deserves all of this. They need to pose the right questions. This is an older interview, but after watching several of these they clearly want him to dumb down, be the good ole jive nigger they want him to be. If they can ask dumb ass questions about if he dances with cheerleaders or cares to talk about “Lil Boosie” (wtf?) they can certainly ask him about the things he cares about. He’s pushing back in a major way. I like the “yea” and “maybe” response, shit, it’s an answer. The only moment he spoke at length was about the dinner he planned for the center and they ignored him. It’s not just his youth center, the media absolutely refuses to give credit to a black man or to humanize him in any way. #fuckthemedia #teammarshawnlynch

-Gracie Berry #theeamazinggrace