Ancestrial Fight: How Alexis Groggins Survived 6 Bullets


Ancestrial Fight: How Alexis Groggins Survived 6 Bullets

The little lady in the picture is Alexis Goggins, 7 at the time of the photo. As the caption reads she shielded her mother, Selietha Parker from the enraged gunman, that shot a total of 9 bullets into her and her mother in 2007. Alexis screamed at him not to shoot her mother. The 911 responses were a joke here! They call and say there is a possible kidnapping/hostage situation, with a gun and child, and the one operator hangs up, the second says, ” We don’t have a unit available to send.” Our ancestors helped them both survive by putting a fight in that little one, so powerful that they had no choice but to live. Giving thanks…Read the entire story here: