I like! Anonymously written as a Command to the Spirit.

“Be contained: within the tomb, within a vessel on the porch, within a gleaming glass vessel impaled on a tree or filled with colored water and set in a window, within a whitewashed rock boundary, within a line of quartz pebbles. Be healed of loss by association with an immortal tree. Be attached to the spiritual flash of mirrors, tinfoil, silver balls and chrome; be warned or exalted by their spirit-repelling and spirit-attracting flash. Complete your circle, travel your life protected by a perforated disk, proof to the witches; say the same thing with a dime on a string, or with a tractor tire planter in a yard (but tell strangers the rubber is just to keep weeds and water out); stud lawn and yard with automobile tires, whitewashed and serrated, like a sun streaming rays; wheel variously, in your car, on your lawn, in your tomb, with radio dials, telephone dials, and clock faces without hands!”
source: http://dikenga.com/films/firecracker/mirror_image/index.htm

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