Open Letter to the Lancaster Newspaper in PA on Maya Angelou’s Death


Open Letter to the Lancaster Newspaper in PA on Maya Angelou's Death

I went to the local Turkey HIll today hoping to purchase a newspaper highlighting Maya Angelou’s death or at the very least a literary work in celebration of her iconic contribution to humanity. Given the weather today and being in somewhat of a hurry I searched haphazardly looking first to the front page of my local newspaper for an article, a blurb, or something about her and nothing. So on my quest I searched a variety of newspapers and happened upon a beautiful front page article by USA today who had done an honorable job highlighting her life. Can someone in Lancaster Pa please help me understand why Maya Angelou’s death didn’t make front page news here? And perhaps I’m over reacting, but I don’t understand how this can happen in 2014 when other icons who’ve passed on have been honorably mentioned on the front page, for example Mickey Rooney who died back in April. I mean she was an internationally respected, African American author and poet, publisher of seven autobiographies, three books of essays, and several books of poetry, and was credited with a list of plays, movies, and television shows spanning more than 50 years. Respectfully, I would like help understanding why she didn’t make front page news? And more curiously if she is mentioned at all in your carbon copy publication aside from the online publication? As a woman of color, deeply affected by her death, and an avid support of the Lancaster Newspaper I need help understanding this. -Gracie

Dedication to misguided people talkin’ smack on mama Angelou

It’s their own inadequacies that they seek to blame, not hers. They are suffering on the inside with stolen dreams from childhood. Had to grow up too fast to survive. And like mama Lou said, “The desire to reach for the stars is ambitious. The desire to reach hearts is wise.” I triple dog dare them to try that on for size. Come up out ya heart see how you livin’. -Gracie
“I just read a post on Instagram that said, “Yesterday you all were twerking and posting half naked pictures and looking for your baby daddies. Suddenly today, you’re phenomenal women?”
I’m going to say the same thing here that I said there — YES. That is one of the most important lessons of Dr. Maya Angelou’s life. You can be ALL of yourself, stumble, fall, rise again and still be phenomenal.
If he’d read any of her books (or Wikipedia, for goodness’ sake), he’d know Maya Angelou was a stripper, madam and teenage mother before becoming a world renowned poet, teacher and writer. That woman LIVED!
Let’s stop the unrelenting policing of women’s choices under the guise of being “respectable”.
Live your life. Learn your lessons. Teach what you know. Leave everyone else to their own journeys.
That’s all any of us can do anyway.”

Direct Quote from L’Erin Asantewaa


Click on link to watch video: White man tells black lady to get to the back of the bus….What is this world coming to???? 2014 May 5, around 4:30pm ..Brooklyn B35 bus. By Nostrand and church ave this happened. I tried reporting it to the news but the media says there’s nothing really they can do about it

Mouth wide open! I think I would’ve followed the sound advice of baba Malcolm and got his racist ass off that bus by any means necessary. His mind ain’t right. Can’t be, acting like that.

Video link-

Iconic Laverne Cox: Transgender woman, Advocate, Actress


Iconic Laverne Cox: Transgender woman, Advocate, Actress

“What a wonderful bday present! Yes today is my birthday and I am on the cover of @TIME magazine. I realize this is way bigger than me and about a tipping point in our nation’s history where it is no kinder acceptable for trans lives to be stigmatized, ridiculed, criminalized and disregarded. This is for my trans siblings out there and for anyone who has ever been told that who you know yourself to be at your core is not legitimate. You are who you know yourselves to be.” -Laverne

I Wish Hooters Was Booters lol!


Booters lol!

I wish hooters was booters: Sometimes when I’m posting about life’s many happenings I forget about fashion and clothes, hence was one of the main reasons I started this blog (girlrillavintage). The world is a beautiful kaleidoscope- taffeta of glorious stains, distinguished from the surface. Everyone scratching and etching their very own into it’s fabric. A fabric so vast. Every creature breathing to hold space in their very own ways, for all existence-all of us entangled in a web like natty goodness. Any whosters. I found this tank at the thrift earlier this year. I’ve thought long and hard for as long as I can remember, or for as long as Hooters has been in business about how I wished Hooters was in fact Booters ’cause I’m bottom heavy, yah a dig meh? To me ain’t no shame here, embrace here. Booters are like some organic, home grown veggies and fruit, good for the soul and not bad on the eyes at all. Dates back to my mamas, mothers, grandmothers and nem.

Photo on 4-25-14 at 10.50 PM #5

And instead of serving up deep fried anything I would serve up herbal everything (cause if you ain’t healing there is no space for you here) in my swim ‘shotes’, twerk it on a side stack of gluten free yam pancakes, or some curried lentils rolled tight in Ingera- all for the love of people. 🙂 So in the name of SAMO (Basquiat’s and such-visual artists) I kindly defaced this tank to make it personal like the battle between Ramo vs. Spit in the movie Beat Street. Changing one letter made this my shit lol! I hope ya’ll feel me on this. The ‘B’ on this tank is a symbol of my affection and how I value those bottom thickly, plump, ass oceans, tear drops, hour glass, pear shaped, Afro-grapes, chunky, curvacious, muscular skeletoned-’hipsters’ with zebra stripes, jell-O molds, creased, spread wide all out to the side, and cotton soft folds. Our thick is so fine! Sending cup love to the Hooters, but I’m gone need all of the bottom heavy tree lovers to hug the Booters lol! One love
Gracie Berriberry