Philly/NY/Jersey folks!!!! Come out! Be apart of this!


Philly/NY/Jersey folks!!!! Come out! Be apart of this!

Philly/NY/Jersey folks!!!! Come out! Be apart of this! Dates: Friday June 27th at 8pm / Saturday June 28th at 5pm. Location- Mascher Space Co-op, 155 Cecil B. Moore Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19122. $20, but no one will be turned away due to lack of funds. This is my first creative art performance in the city I was born and raised. Bitter sweet-yet I’ve arrived. Baby steps in addressing my deeply painful past. -Gracie

Road Head Oh So Nice

Today I was driving behind this slow ass man in Volkswagen Bus-swirvin’ all over the road! Come to find out with slight separation of the rear curtains that he was getting the meanest fellatio from his young passenger, lol! Seriously, sis was bobbin for apples on that old man! No wonder he was slow and swirvin’, damn! ‪#‎Headinmotion‬ ‪#‎grownfolkbizness‬ ‪#‎roadtrip‬ lol! -Gracie

Whatever happened to Queens of Sheba-All female, all black rock band in the Uk?


Whatever happened to Queens of Sheba-All female, all black rock band in the Uk?

I’m on a quest to find these ladies! I love that they existed in this capacity of blackness and music. Anyone with any information about them please comment below. Thanks!

As of June 2012-“We’ve got an announcement to make. As of yesterday, Queens of Sheba have disbanded. This is not due to any sort of dispute between us. We’ve had a disagreement with our manager, and as a result the only option for us is to regroup and reform under a different name. Do still watch this page for updates, as we will be continuing with our music and will send you all details of where you can find us.”


I love the way we barter for joy: Wisdom from my elder

An elder said to me after a show I had performed in, “You embody generations. Spirits of grandmothers, aunts, cousins, even the essence of an old uncle or grandfather. You have many within you that come forth-Ms. Big spirit.” And up until now, never have I been gifted with such a tangible description of myself. A keepsake that I can hold onto. In solidarity elder. I love the way we barter for joy. ❤ Gracie




Pipeline Dreams

A proposal to build a natural gas pipeline through Lancaster County is angering many residents? Many raised concerns about safety, property values, and environmental degradation? What about the concerns of safety community’s of color face when harassed and profiled by white business owners, homeless people w/ mental health problems devalued and murdered for it, or urban youth that have no natural resources to better themselves during summer months? I guess this type of outpouring and rallying only applies to wealthy, white people, that have the privilege to go on hikes at Tucquan Glen and Shenk’s Ferry Wildflower Preserve. -Gracie
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Don’t fret over a frown

Yo! Check my locs-my new growth stands for everything radical! I told her she was beautiful. She ignored me. I told her I wasn’t afraid of her frown and walked away. I remembered how sad the unmet needs looked on her face, so I refused to hold onto her lack of response. I let it go. I saw her last night-two months later. She said, “I remember you sis, thanks for bein’ nice. I know I was mean, but girl my baby dad had got locked up, and I’m tryna’ go natural under this weave lol!” I told her much it meant to me to share the planet with her. It was cool. Don’t fret over a frown. -Gracie