My block was hot


Photo credit Blvck Vrchives

Summers in Philly were hot as giraffe nuts lol! I remember the elders on our block turning on the water with a big wrench or how somebody would block the hose to make the water spray on us. Everybody was in the streets to cool off, even the hood dudes and drug dealers lol! That coupled with the water ice truck and soft pretzels (when everything was 50 cents), playing wall ball, double Dutch, man hunt, and racing each other as fast as we could around the block are the few good memories I cherish from my childhood. 🙏🏾 for this priceless 📸 from 1963 Blvck Vrchives. ⁣Brings back so many memories. ⁣

—TheeAmazingGrace ♥️

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