Soulmission: They dont need eyes to see you

Be encouraged to use this global time out to remove yourself from toxic people (family, friend or foe). A lot of these folks are energy vampires, pulling you away from your souls mission because they’re selfish and don’t want to lose you. Don’t want you to stop fulfilling their needs or working towards their legacy.

Far too long many of us have been “supporting actresses or actors” this whole time and now that we want to step into our full power folks are resenting that. They’re resenting that you no longer want to sit there and clap for just them. They see the opportunities coming your way and there’s a lot of gossip and chatter against your choices. Don’t be distracted. Don’t take it personal. Put yourself first. Everyone can’t come along on your journey. Be at peace with that, knowing you’re in-line with divine purpose. Building your life’s legacy. Remember, they don’t need eyes to see you.

—TheeAmazingGrace ♥️

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