Stankass Laundry Day

Stank ass laundry day lol! I know…I joke around about washing my stank ass laundry, yet I know the privilege it is to be able to wash my ass and my laundry. ⁣

Folks could NEVER imagine the half me, my brothers and mom survived. Sleeping in abandoned houses, bellies scraping our spines, being brutalized by predatory dick heads, mama having to sex work for money, food and shelter, shamed for being impoverished. ⁣

I don’t live this life to take any of it for granite although, I have at times. Grateful to be here to tell it, to smile while telling it, knowing I never have to go back there. Bless those in struggle for basic human necessities. Trust, life won’t always be like this. ⁣


#afrikanface #awarenessiskey #bekindtoyourself #girlrillavintage #knowyourprivilege #laundryday #lifewontalwaysbelikethis #sharingmytruth #stayinthestruggle #theeamazinggrace

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