Spring cleaning: Understanding codependency

We often throw the words codependent or codependency around, not truly understanding what it means. Honestly, I’m a recovering codependent. I never knew that codependence is considered to be a disease like that of an addiction. ⁣

How 3 of our main institutions (churches, families, and schools) actively teach us to not form boundaries, to stay in addictive, suffering, possessive, clingy relationships. ⁣
Or normalizing duality and fused identities vs coming together as individuals. This book is awesome and teaching me new things! ⁣⁣

—TheeAmazingGrace ♥️

#afrikanface #boundariesarehealthy #codependenceisadisease #codependencyrecovery #context #girlrillavintage #perspective #recoveringcodependent #sharingiscaring #smudgetalk #understandingcodependency #vulnerabilityisnecessary

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