Phase 4.0 Unleash the Energy

Unleash the energy. Let it flow! There’s joy in mending what’s leaving and joy in manifesting what’s coming. I woke up this morning sobbing and chanting a phrase in a native tongue. I recorded myself, so I wouldn’t forget, but I don’t even know how to begin spelling it. My ancestors know I’m more ready than ever to access more divine and ancient wisdom. My hands and heart are stretched so wide open. I love to feel. Pour into me. Release. Receive. Ashe-O! Plus it’s Pisces season.

—TheeAmazingGrace ♥️

#afrikanface #ancestorsspeak #ancientwisdom #divineblessings #girlrillavintage #gotgele #love #piscesseason #receive #shadowkeepersandroothealers #stayopen #warpaint

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