Pisces Swim In Schools: Constellation Movement

Intense ❤️ for this song Pisces by @cecilyalexa. Haven’t listened to a female artist LP since @liannelahavas, siStar you outdid yourself with this one-“Cause even things that hurt make you feel alive. And all I ever wanted was to live before I die.” Yeeees for that line!⁣

I love discovering new music for the love of movement. The revelations folks can create to this. Bless you! ⁣⁣⁣

Shout out to Pisces and those that love us!
🐟🐠 🐡⁣⁣⁣


#afrikanface #blackwomenbelike #cecilyalexa #dance #dope #girlrillavintage #gotgele #impromptu #movement #music #piscesgang #piscessong #piscesseason #shadowkeepersandroothealers #theeamazinggrace #womanism

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