My ancestors are not monsters in the closet

Understand that when I use the term “ancestors” it’s not because it’s some cute or cliché thing to say. In fact, it’s not a term at all. They’re not monsters in the closet or underneath the bed. These are my blood relatives that I knew in their waking lives. Kinfolk I shared my most intimate moments with. And it’s my honor to acknowledge them and call to their spirits anytime. ⁣

When we call on our ancestors we have to be prepared for how they show up. They might not give us exactly what we’re desiring, but they’ll give us exactly what we need, the thing that will be for our highest good. And they know that.⁣

I was dealing with a situation yesterday that turned out in my favor. As I mentioned in the video as I approached the clerk to sign in, she asked who took her highlighter and suddenly an orange highlighter flew up, off the table, against gravity into her hand!

She was reduced to hysterical laughter and asked if I saw that. She said that had never happened to her. I knew my ancestors were sending me the deepest signals. I told  her that it seemed like a miracle. She said it wasn’t a miracle for her because it scared the shit out of her LOL! I said I guess it was a miracle for me then lol! ⁣


#afrikanface #ancestorsspeak #ancestortones #girlrillavintage #miraclesallaround #smudgetalk #theeamazinggrace

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