Ay Planet Mars, A Healing Taking Place!

Ay planet Mars, see how my heart softens just beneath the breast bone? How my breaths have grown deeper? Feel all the love shining through my skin and hair? How my curves and lines take their time? How choosy the pose? How that pink vintage held my breasts longer than any suitors? How vulnerable is watching cause vulnerable is me? How I manifest what I need and it shows me kindness? How vivid the dreams. Root healer. Won’t she do it? A healing taking place. ⁣

❤️ TheeAmazingGrace

#afrikanface #blacklove #calmcenter #deepperspective #girlrillavintage #hadthatbrasincemiddleschool #iameverythingatonce #iloveyou #manifestlove #mendewoman #nofilter #roothealer

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