Your colour is purple: On Self-esteem


The Colour of Low Self Esteem Poem by Nayyirah Waheed

To a dear friend hurting today. Surely you’re worthy. Surely our value is yours to own. Surely we share a loving space. Your colour is purple and pleading. Mirror, mirror, she is listening. ⁣

⁣We all might’ve tried. But we can’t impress them into seeing us. We can’t convince them of our sacred breath. Desire is an illusion. It does not reciprocate. It does not feel. It does not fulfill. Only you can do that. I love you.⁣




#afrikanface #friendsarefamily #girlrillavintage #healing #healingblack #iloveyou #loveyou #nayyirahwaheed #selfesteemboost #thecolouroflowselfesteem #theeamazinggrace

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