I know What I Came Here to Do -Gracie B

I’m in a time of major transition right now. I am my biggest advocate and no one can do work meant for me accept me. Saw my spirit dying by staying in a circumstance I had outgrown. And the miracle is is that I’m unafraid. Playful. I’m not worried. I smile and laugh. I know that things will be fine. Remembering what I came to this planet to do and that is to give the gifts of unconditional love and soul freedom. My current spiritual practice and physical health need grounded. Long over do they say, yet it’s right on time to me. Shout out! To all of my spirit guides, loved ones, friends for supporting me through this time of major change. Transformation starts at the molecular level. Photo on 9-6-14 at 2.03 PM #4

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