Don’t Believe the Hype

Had a dental exam today for a bothersome tooth. The dentist took x-rays then after looking at them says, root canal. I’m like huh?! He then projects them onto a screen and of course I ask them to show me where the damage is. He talks in circles anf finally says, well, I really don’t see much. I’m going off of the symptoms you’re having.” Huh? You won’t be getting my $1,040 and healthy tooth pal. No way! I’ll take my prescription to go please. Oh yea then he comments about the art on my face-something about it being “in” right now and that his wife does it. I said, sir my family and culture inspires this art. It’s always “in” where I come from. Ugh ‪#‎whataripoff‬ ‪#‎dontbelievethehype‬ ‪#‎capitalismandhealtcaresucks‬
Photo on 9-13-14 at 2.34 PM #2

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