Check Yo Privilege

In my hood this morning, shuffling across the street with hurt back, arms filled with papers. Before getting into my car a white woman walking with two white males crossed to my side of the street. None returned the nod and smile in good nature. In fact none made a sound, suddenly the white woman-all on her gangsta lean shouts to the men, nigga please! The men with foul face follow her with heads down. I wanted to punch her in the back of the head. Instead I got into my car and drove alongside the curb where she had stopped to sit. I said, sis’ the next time you use that word I want you to check your privilege. Your skin is white. She replied, I said NIGGA with an A! I said, to me the word swallows all the same coming from you. Your privilege is the worse of its kind because there are often no consequences for anything you do. She said, I didn’t mean anything by it. I apologize. Honestly, I didn’t expect an apology. I do anticipate that the next time she proceeds to utter nigga in ear shot of a black person that she will at least THINK! Realize that being using racial slurs and being racist does not merit reward. Like Zora Neale Hurston has etched into the fabric of this world, “Never be silent about your pain on they will kill you and say you enjoyed it.” Check people on their privilege wherever you see it.

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