To A Person I felt Shamed by Once


You shamed me and there is no honor in that. I know my response is late. I don’t regret waiting. I was shocked then sad at your request to have me wait in a hotel room until you were ready for me, as if I wasn’t human, as if I was some disposable blow up doll. I will leave you with this: you as a young, gifted and black emerging socialite, artist, political presence I urge you to always honor black women. There will be stranger circumstances than you and I happening upon each other. Karma is real. Don’t hurt them or lie to them. Be honest with them, it’s respectable and dignified-even when your intentions are ill, tell them. No black woman can ever blame you for choosing to respect them by being honest. It’s what I call breaking the heart beautifully if that makes since. In solidarity if we ever cross paths again.



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