On Harriet

27170270-C65B-482F-9D95-C12BDA09205DObservation on Harriet: After seeing @harrietfilm tonight I liked how @kasi_lemmons attempted to portray mama Harriets acalades toward her revolutionary fight to freedom-something I’m most proud. I cried with joy and pride seeing her in action and imagining my ancestors in the same fight. Also, I was pleased with @cynthiaerivo performance being Nigerian west Afrikan born in England. Also, how I kept seeing @the.sleepngiant face in her face—Y’all likely kinfolk sis lol! Cause after all we all Afrikans scattered all over this place. ⁣

Aside, I do wonder how much of the movie was fact and fiction. And despite how good the freedom fight felt I left troubled. Witnessing the brutal killings of two black folks on screen while racist whites were unscathed, spared, and even comforted by the enslaved Afrikans was unsettling to me.⁣

I wish Kasi had gone deeper or made more of a statement that wasn’t necessarily a “safe one” to appease white audiences, but one that warranted vigilante justice in retaliation for such unimaginable horror that the slave owner put her and her family through. It would’ve been REVOLUTIONARY AS PHUCK, for mama Harriet to blow his racist ass away on screen when she had the chance. To me it would’ve showed the duality of her undying love for God along with her undying desire to free our people by any means. Especially since history tells us how she wouldn’t think twice about turning her gun on our own people that got in her way, so killing a racist should’ve required no thought.


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3 thoughts on “On Harriet

  1. Did you want the truth of her life, or did you want fantasy? Ms. Lemmons brought the documentative part of her life to the silver screen, that means she brought to life what was written and known of Araminta “Harriet” Tubman. Perhaps as with the Moses of The Exodus, there was at least one murder by her hands. But the point that I see constantly being missed is the fact that she was being used of Yahweh to do his will, not anyone else’s. It was more important to Yahweh, more important to Moses of The Exodus, and more important to The Woman Called Moses to free The People of GOD from bondage than it was to kill Pharaoh. Yahweh took care of that. It was more important to teach GOD’s People through Harriet and William Still how to come together and strategize on how to fight with their minds and strength. Get the message for today and save the critique for later. Nice piece!

    • Thanks for such an insightful reply. I definitely believe that all of us with Afrikan ancestry are always seeking the truth about our people. However there are very limited resources about Araminta Ross/Harriet Tubman and what she stood for. Like I said in my post I really think they did a great job highlighting her freedom fighting and the ability to survive so much tragedy in one body. It wasn’t another “slave narrative” by any means. However I think that it’s always troubling to me when black bodies are sacrificed on screen versus white bodies in films like that. Why not show the revolt and how it really ended? I do feel like it’s disparaging to say the least. After reading Wikipedia and several other resources I realize that many of the characters were fictional, so with that why couldn’t they have created a fictional ending by blowing his ass away? Our people are such a forgiving people and that shouldn’t be our downfall, but I think it is sometimes.

      • I Hear Ya! Your sentiments are shared by many, trust me. Two thoughts:

        1) Yes Africans/Afrikans everywhere are truly a forgiving people, this shows that they are truly the People and creation of GOD and this will never be a downfall. No amount of struggle or oppression can change the core of who Africans/Afrikans are. But having a core to forgive others in no wise excuses others of the wrong they do, nor does it save them from Judgment. Read: “Is It True, Are White People Demons” https://dearjapheth.wordpress.com/2019/10/22/is-it-true-are-white-people-demons/ and “America Under Judgment” https://dearjapheth.wordpress.com/2019/10/30/history-repeating-itself-the-american-2nd-civil-war-america-under-judgment/

        2) During the American Civil War, Africans/Afrikans did fight and avenged their ancestors and fought physically for freedom. And at other times. Obviously, white people are not going to show or allow any history to this wise to be shown, they fear it will cause a “Negro Uprising!” But rest assured, despite their efforts, that day will come and their greatest fear will come upon. Be encouraged and take heart in these words -and in that day RISE UP!

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