We are all problematic Af

@ladyspeech reminds us that “ALL of us are problematic as phuck.”
This resonates with me. About how hurt people experiences can be so unsafe at times. Been seeing a ton of black “public figures” or folks that pride themselves as “community leaders” using their platforms to promote division, toxic masculinity, fat shaming, homophobic speech, and so on. I too had to learn to stop the sanctimony to get to the heart of what matters.

Imagine how many MORE of our people we can reach and build with if we adopted inclusivity? IF WE KNEW THAT ALL OUR DNA IS SACRED AND THAT ALL OUR BLACK LIVES MATTER? Not that ole, “If you raising him right he wouldn’t be gay and twerking on social media” or “If you waited for marriage he wouldn’t have cheated on you.” And so on… It’s sickening because we think we’re actually helping by taking a stance in opposition to-things that we have no power to control. And folks are agreeing with us, rallying together like a lynch mob.

It’s important to ask ourselves if sharing our 60 sec rant or LIVE VIDEO will help or harm? Could we be sharing ingrained colonizers views? Just sayin….

#afrikanface #allblacklivesmatter #blacklove #blacknessisnotamonolith #community #girlrillavintage #ladyspeech #inclusivity #theeamazinggrace #weareallproblematicaf #wecanalldobetter

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