Reflections of a pass love

E1A9AB9A-574E-4A7B-88E8-891B81C292E4Honestly. When your ex lover or if you are the former lover that falls in love with someone else there ain’t shit that can be controlled about it. Life. And life must run it’s course. And we only benefit from trusting our experiences, cherishing our disappointments, feeling them like goose pimples, thanking them for teaching us many things, for being invaluable to us-knowing that life will always work for us.


0563F04B-C59D-4168-AB61-967571CE3AC2.jpegReflecting on my past lover. How blessed we are to know each other. How we learned to stop seeking the experience we had in other people. And to stay open to a different type of transformative love, knowing that our love is eternal. We are amicable now. Giving thanks to mama Oshun for being a channel for healing always.



#afrikanface #ancient #blacklove #channelart #creativity #dontgiveuponlove #expressyourself #girlrillavintage #healing #iloveyou #love #mourningaloss #oshun #selfies #selfiesession #selflove #stayopen #timeheals #tonguesoffurandfeather #theeamazinggrace

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