Bird Poop

I can’t escape encounters with birds-they poop on me and my things and sing about it lol! This evening a ‪#‎BlueJay‬ flew on the patio and landed on the table. The cats went bazerk and scared her off. That didn’t stop her. She kept flying into the yard getting as close as she could to me. As a child I remember the Blue Jay being important. Come to find out the Cherokee people believe that Blue Jays mean royalty, energy, and enthusiasm. And that when Blue Jay medicine grabs your attention it is asking you to embrace your God-given assets. Blue Jay reminds you that when you walk into a room, you do not have to call attention to yourself because you already have the worlds attention, all you have to do is respond to it. Wow, That was spot on! I didn’t capture her face good lol! -Thee Amazing Grace #theeamazinggrace #gracieberry

IMG_8044 IMG_8046 IMG_8049 IMG_8050

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