Bill Cosby’s Got Too Many Accusations and so Little Time

If the majority of the women accusing Bill Cosby were of color the allegations would still be disturbing, trauma still there, the shame too. Bill Cosby is like one of the few blacks that ever “made it” and has “made it almost perfectly, for so long with no flaws, no deceptions”. He’s earned respect internationally as an icon that is very powerful (the golden child). It’s sad because I feel like people of color, in my own community would rather him remain untarnished, untouchable, or to believe a lie just to hold on to some level of respect that is only theres by association, instead of accepting that he raped 15 women. Or this innocent until proven guilty shit. So basically if he’s found guilty all of those that supported him will simultaneously turn their backs?

Rape happens to babies, children, teenagers, adults, and elders. Imagine telling your 8-year old baby girl that she should never talk about granddaddy raping her because it would ruin the family name? Or questioning why she let grandaddy do that to her in the first place and that she must be “fresh” because it happened? And as she reaches her 40th birthday, father urges her to always stay silent because grandaddy is such a respected man, a god fearing man, family man in his community and her telling on him would kill his pride, and ruin him for life, and the family too while all along she has no pride from dying inside when it happened, scarred human flesh that can’t be intimate without fear. We would rather protect what has made us respected and dignified in the eyes of others instead of facing painful truths. My family was always been good at holding secrets, secrets that were painful and shameful and hurtful. We kept them cause we were raised that it was nobodies business. I’ve dedicated my life to exposing my families secrets. Those secrets won’t hold me hostage anymore. My life is too beautiful not to be free. Stop victim blaming. Bill’s got too many accusations and so little time. -Gracie Berry

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