“A Matter of Time” Has Run Out: On Loving Women in Relationships by Gracie Berry

The moment her smile gives you goosepimples and how her eyes trail yours sending warmth-surging to tight, moist places. You meet up at your favorite restaurant and she tells you all about her emotions. How you are so brave, and much more compatible than her partner, and she can see clearly now. She tells you that’s she’s unhappy and leaving is only a matter of time. Time. She convinces you with those eyes and that smile that she is finally regaining control and that you are to blame. She lays it on thick saying that she needs you now more than ever. The walls cave in on you and that shot of Jameson burns all the way down because you’ve heard it before-it always ends badly-it always ends the same way. To stay or to leave those are your only choices. In the foyer of your favorite restaurant-you kiss her forehead as dapper as your suit. You bid her peace and many courageous days cause for you, “a matter of time” has run out.

-Gracie Berry


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