Um…Donald Sterling Forgiving Himself is a Better Alternative

By the standards set-forth from my non-churchgoing, bible thumping ass, and as a woman of color directly affected by Donald Sterling’s racist rant I will only fathom the concept of holding space and compassion for him when he forgives himself which is an internal process beyond the confines of this earth. Creates an accountability all it’s own-on the grounds of ones own responsibility of forgiveness instead of suckling from the heart valves of innately forgiving and loving human beings. His ability to forgive a mind-clouded with hatred, his inherited use of hate speech, hate speech that caused harm to other living beings. Honestly, to me the moment ‘free speech’ becomes ‘hate speech’ it is no longer free. Such speech has the potential to cause imminent danger, enslaving those affected by it, and there is no forgiveness in that. -Gracie


Massa Donald Sterling is in the Building

vomit video here:



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