Shimmy Shimmy Ya’ll! Rihanna Strikes While the Glitter is Hot

Shimmy Shimmy Ya'll! Rihanna Strikes While the Glitter is Hot

As a liberated woman of color in all my activism I say hands down this is femme glitter queen. This look is the epitome of my pussy power and the worth that we set forth. In solidarity this line is for you Riri: “No matter if you wear tight skirts or no skirts at all, phuck lots of people or none at all, don’t be bullied- cause consent is sexy! Wine your pussy in some slow, sensual, gyrating motion saying phuck misogyny, phuck patriarchy, phuck any and all systems of violence oppressing and perpetuating crimes against pussy’s!” (excerpt from pussy riot poem by Gracie Berry). Thank you for living every bit of your gorgeous blackness, boldly, unapologetic-ally, empowering to all women all over the globe.

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