Black Brothers Sweat Your Childrens Mothers

May 7, 2014
This brother was black and from the hood, tall and dignified. He talked about his two sons with two different women. I told him that he reminded me of someone from the Congolese. He told me that he doesn’t sweat his children’s mothers because that’s what they want. I said, honey if that’s what they want give it to them. People forget when they create babies together there is a bond beyond earth that connects them. I told him to sweat his babies mothers-after all they cultivated those babies and brought them forth. He said the judge ruled against him, but he knew it was because of his black. He was relaxed and okay with the fact. I said, honey their white privilege made them shame you and degrade you, take it back! You are black and you love and so hard-its in our DNA. He said, sis you’re right. I might need to take off my cool and chat with my babies moms, gain my freedom again. I kissed his third eye and walked into the night. I love to love on my black people on purpose.-Gracie

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