Tomorrow Doesn’t Matter

Image 4-26-16 at 11.43 AM.jpgA collage I made about 5-years ago when I was pregnant, depicts a boy next to a tree, has pieces of my first set of #locs in it. It now sits as a magnet on my refrigerator, a reminder of my youth, my child that didn’t make it, and the ambition I always sought from creating art. My ambition is dormant still and I’ve spent too kmuch time trying to tell my story just the right way not knowing I’ve been living my story all along. I caption this, No one knows tomorrow, yet knowing tomorrow doesn’t matter just as long as the roots are branched widely to anchor the trees that will come from it. We don’t need to know tomorrow. We have to breathe in such a way that tomorrow will never have to search for us. Never need to question our existence cause our existence is alive in the trees. My story is everything. #theeamazinggrace #legacy #live #life #love #self

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