About Him by Thee Amazing Grace

I’m picking myself apart for you. I’ve been crying on an off for days. My heart feels like a heavy wet rag just sitting on top of a sink. I can feel the sun and see that it is beautiful and bright outside, but I don’t want to go outside to catch a glimpse. No one’s words are comforting, not even your own. I ask questions I know answers too. You got me wanting to cast a voodoo spell just to get your attention. I wanted to free your loins that so far have been in chains, enslaved. I can feel it from your walk as if you’re carefully walking a tight rope. I could feel your heart beating and your eyes shifting when I came close to face. I wanted what I did and that is fact. Never felt the vengeance of this type of rejection. Never had my heart broken so beautifully-you brought forth the spirit of my ancestors and I was humble for it, yet I was sad for my own hands that only wanted to lift your thighs back and suck for dear life between your legs-brush my breast up against. I only wanted to sound my sweet moans in your ears like secret melodic, high pitch verses, echoing off the walls. I only wanted to kiss gentle and rough. I dreamt of your weighted hips crashing into mine from behind places. I fantasized waking up in heated sweat with your length stretched the distance to hold me. I tear up because I’m in lust with you. I had unfinished business that never got the chance to bloom. I feel sick and incapable of seeing clearly. I don’t want to see clearly. I want to see you. I want to see your brown and ancient body, masculine, insecurity on top of my my soft shake, strength like walls that fold down over, only when you enter. My sadness is lust and I want out-its driving me to think and think and think and think. Turn me off.

-Thee Amazing Grace #theeamazinggrace #girlrillavintage #gracieberry

2 thoughts on “About Him by Thee Amazing Grace

  1. And now that this too has past I kiss away each tear I siphon off each rivulet of risidual pain left by this longing filling every empty space with a love supreme that leaves none of your walls untouched softened yet strengthened sheltered from this hurt never again to be felt

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