Stop Trying to Be Better Than Yourself

I wasted enough time trying to be better than myself, like being better hurt less. I felt numb. I struggled to fit in-to survive-to cope-to live. My mind played tricks on me like fear, dis-empowered my thoughts, made me sick, had me convinced I would die there. I rescued my love that was dormant, petrified in a fetal position at the base of my spine. I coaxed the fragments that didn’t look pretty. My love snuggled to my bones. She even welcomed what was not fully recovered, nor healed, the scars and injuries warmed my soul without shame. I learned to just BE. Warm. Organic. Honest. Silly. Me. Now I just BE-livin’. Believing. Moving about the planet carefree. I don’t care if I fit in. Ha! smile emoticon heart emoticon ‪#‎uglybeautiful‬ ‪#‎loveonyouboo‬

-Gracie Berry


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