Ride the Fear


It’s great that parents teach their children to be fearful and cautious of specific dangers, such as fire or crossing the road. In these instances, anxiety can be useful, because it helps protect them from harm. However, children can learn to be fearful of situations or objects that adults find threatening. This video is a great example of understanding and overcoming fear because we need to trust our babies more. I witness parents strongly motivating their children to avoid certain things when in fact its their own fears being projected. For example, fear of heights, water etc. The parent remains in close proximity here, yet allows the child to experience falling, problem solving, and self-reliance in a supportive environment. I admire this so very much! ‪#‎ridethefear‬ #nofear #sogirlrillavintage


Click link to watch full video of baby skateboarding-https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152556930584025&fref=nf

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