I Can’t Complain. Uh-Yes You Can.


When people say, they can’t complain, bothers me. To me the phrase implies a since of martyrdom. As if waking up to a world that directly traumatizes, devalues, mentally and emotionally diseases, fragments us should be satisfactory just because we survived another moment? I mean this most auspiciously, your silence will end your days as swiftly as they’ve started. I say, COMPLAIN! Don’t let a soul cover your mouth. COMPLAIN! To expand your value because your pain has a right to be here! COMPLAIN! For all of the voiceless. COMPLAIN! To build awareness. COMPLAIN! Because you can. Honestly, the most change ever eradicated in the world has been a result of those who complained. Imagine if Malcolm, Gandhi, or Kwame Ture didn’t complain-we would be even more whitewashed and afraid. Their complaints made us whole and aware of our wholeness. -Gracie Berry

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