I’m Not Straight Or Anything? Straight Woman Giving This Lesbian Vibes :)

Working at the cafe today I noticed an attractive light skinned black woman checking me out. Her blue suit and vintage orange heels were bad! I asked her if I could help her with something. Slightly reserved she said, “forgive me. I know its rude to stare and I’m not gay or anything, but you look very handsome.” Handsome was nice! A man joined her. After ordering they sat at the table next to me! Apparently she passed the bar exam and needed a job! Sexy straight woman giving me mad vibes. It was nice! I believe that we didn’t exchange information largely because we both were shy and were really focused on work lol! We smiled so much at each other and kept glancing. She looked me up and down and I did the same. Vibes were on point. She sure was beautiful and I hope I see her again. -Gracie 🙂


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