Blue Ivy’s Hair Is Beautiful And She Should Never Comb It

Blue Ivy's Hair Is Beautiful And She Should Never Comb It

There is no harm in acceptance: Going back to acceptance its truly a gift for one to assent to the reality of a situation, recognizing a process or condition despite negative or uncomfortable feelings attached to it. From my view black hair is as historically significant to black culture as black skin and we need to do more without attempting to change or protest it. I am in no position to speak as a parent since my son died before time, however we all know who Blu’s parents are, so Blu’s hair appears to be no accident or grand conspiracy theory. It appears exactly as her parents see fit and they clearly feel no responsibility in explaining its condition to anyone. I believe that we as humans feel distorted perceptions of ownership over others experiences based on how we would do things or what we’ve done in similar situations; as if our experiences somehow ‘qualify’ us or make us more respectable as keepers of the culture just because it’s us. Each rebuttal about this babies hair seems inappropriate and at most deems her parents choices as irrelevant and pathological. Mostly each concern about her hair is based on ‘aesthetics’ not actual facts of its quality. To me Blu Ivy’s hair is perfect and frankly she should never comb it. -Gracie

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