On Soul Searching

Ever tried searching deep down underneath to find who you really are? Only to discover that the person you are searching for underneath is really not that deep at all? I guess that’s when soul searching swiftly becomes soul creation? It’s strange I feel like I’m constantly reinventing my depth-if that makes since? Some people could care less to do that cause they think that simply living the way they do automatically qualifies their depth, but I’ve always cared to reinvent, find alternative ways of existing deeply on the planet. Shit! Perhaps depth is a disease of our time lol! Hmm, or perhaps we put more weighted trust onto the occurrences happening in life, and we minimize ourselves to those experiences-when in reality our very existence is what is the deepest and most rooted part of ourselves? –Gracie

#thoughtsofmysleepyeyes #brainneedstosleep #battingforalternativereallities

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