Don’t Ever Let Anyone Judge You Into Disgrace

Don't Ever Let Anyone Judge You Into Disgrace

Don’t ever let anyone judge you into disgrace. The Judgement I’m thinking of is often linked to entitlement. The since of entitlement one feels over the actions of another and more importantly how those actions differ in their affects on people. We are all not exempt from their intensity or repercussion. People’s actions affect each other directly, indirectly, consciously, subconsciously and so on. There is no way to escape these things. And as a person that reaps the benefit of many privileges from the way I look to my able body I find that my judgments reflect those privileges. When I’m in the process of a judgmental thought, or in the act of judging someone, my heart rate increases and my entire body is filled with a euphoria warmly matching the effects of the narcotic percocet. Each corner of me is inflated with tiny variations of myself, hard and callused over. I distance myself from the intended target. Suddenly, I’m aware of my own privileges and my right to exercise them with a free hand and it sickens me. I’ve deemed them incapable of having any since of self awareness and my ‘remedy’ or ‘cure all’ is telling them what I see fit for them-and this is the biggest disgrace, not them, but I. Judgment in this fashion is harmful. It is not law and and creates opportunistic calamity’s to treat the choices of others as irrelevant or pathological. -Grace

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