She Be Like “Sunkissess by Sherneen Berry (beautiful poem my cuz wrote to me today)

May 16, 2014 ❤

She be like “Sunkissess… honor ya spirit at all cost, but ask if your advice is needed before you advise other folk on their personal shit…. and never forget to be liberated. Also, see something say someone. Cus guess what if I am silent about my pain they will kill me say I liked it!” This Girl be like… a glass of fresh brewed tea with honey and lemon on a cool summer day. Nothing less than organic doe. The type of person the world needs more of. Lovely as the day. Peaceful as the night. She can take words like slut, hoe, bitch, nigga, whore, fag, dyke, butch and redefine den shits and have you like damn that’s a new way to look at it…. once I heard her say that she’d actually sit down with a kkk member just to hear his point of view… of course she have a few things to add of her own. She really like a beast with the anatomy of a human being… the true meaning of a full package! Taught me how to grow… how to know and how to light up a show! Taught me about detachment and lectured me on the importance of setting boundaries. Reminds me to pick my battles…. hell I can’t think of a single force that could stop this chick… almost like she untouchable or some shit. She is a great treat! Her spirit is big as the universe and when her lips move the stars probably start shining brighter.That’s how powerful she is. At times she can be stank as Lancaster when they just got done putting down horse maneuver… then she can turn around and be all that you ever needed in life! All in the same day too. Lol #she #be my sleepy bear the amazing Gracie Berriberry love to my rib without you I would be incomplete!” (Teeth)-Sherneen


1 thought on “She Be Like “Sunkissess by Sherneen Berry (beautiful poem my cuz wrote to me today)

  1. Wow! Humbled by every word Neece! Made me smile the biggest before the start of this meeting. All starring at my screen reading all of the sap juice. What nurishng juice like beets and oh yea how ironic we used to call you beet like ronny started when you was young-he knew how good for the soul you were even then. I love you. I’m so thankful for all that you teach me and grateful that I can do the sam for you. These words from you are golden. I archive things like this ya know, so that 100 hundered years from now you or smitty, xavi and his mamas can read them in old tucked away books-how gracie was loved in the world. In love with the way we share the universe. We come from a long line of love and wouldn’t have it any other way. you too rib (made my day in my ole 1940’s voice) lol! Thank you ❤

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