Heards of Elephants Running by Gracie Berry

Heards of Elephants Running by Gracie Berry

It’s 2:03 am. I just awoke. Had to blog this quick before returning to sleep. Wish I was able to sketch animate creatures, objects. Instead I write my sketch, hoping that you see. Imagine the image above with hundreds more, wet, overlapping each other, running at high speeds like cheetah, side by side, front to back, mud splashing under feet, onto bodies, over their heads, into thick air. The sky looked as it does just before rain, smokey and clouded. The air smelled wet, and fresh and sweet like newly cut grass. There were trees and mountains all around. They seemed to jump taller than the trees, but not the mountains. These elephants were on an elephant run, young, old and in between. They tusked each other with love, body checked each other for encouragement-like keep going. They were playing. They were not scarred. Their faces were serene and whole. They were running in a heard to get to some place. They were courageous and unstoppable. The mud was beautiful, smelled earthly like worms. The people watched from their windows, huts, trails in astonishment. Flying cameras followed them close, capturing every moment. Trumpets sounded, rumbling like the sounds their feet made when pouncing upon the muddied earth. This sight was unbelievable and beautiful. I had never dreamed anything like this until now. I’m thankful that these elephants, my triumphant animal spirit warriors came to me this morning. Ps: I looked up if elephants run and the internet said, the trod slowly, lol!

In warm love,

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