It’s not about pride. It’s about privilege.

It's not about pride. It's about privilege.

As a ciswoman, able bodied person of color I reap benefits from the way I look, not by how I identify. When my appearance is ‘feminine’ I’m treated with heterosexual privilege. When my appearance is ‘masculine’ I get hateful ‘corrective’ treatment to be who I feel comfortable being. People need to check their privilege. Privilege often happens at the expense of others both conscious and subconsciously. I don’t know of any places on earth where straight, non-disabled, white, male humans etc need plaques or symbols to represent or give them permission to express who they’re. No where that having privilege will condemn self-righteousness in defense of who you are. This picture does not represent pride. It represents a hateful standard showing homosexual communities how to do things. Nothing more than shitty power dynamic-poking fun, degrading, and practicing deep rooted entitlement. My pride will never be more important than someone’s safety, quality of life, and dignity. #Checkyoprivilege

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