What This Bitch Got Hee Ya’ll On Her Pants?


In the breakfast line at the hotel minding my own got damn business when it happened. Check it: brown broad, sitting at a table, resembling the last supper, surrounded by beautiful brown children. Brown broad bullies the brown children into waiting on her hand and foot. While yelling in mid sentence, “girl get me some more of that bac’-said, “What this bitch got Hee Ya’ll on her pants?” Like the screeching sound a record makes when stopped abruptly. Brown broads audacity turned heads quicker than Lupita Nyongo. And all of the peace I stood to protect spirit-possessed some elderly mans coffee mug in front of me, sending it crashing into pieces onto the concrete floor. My peace sought refuge with no forgiveness. I replied with no forgiveness like the vengeance of a backhand smack across the face, “It’s Hee Haw! Hee Haw lady! If you must insult my words read them right. And a four legged dog miss? My mother birthed a whole human as you can see.” She made that face one makes, having been assaulted by halitosis as 4 feet more like a mile stood in between us. She stopped talking to me and returned to bullying her children, aggressively demanding more bacon, more boiled eggs! Her teenage daughter whispered, “Lady I think you look fly. I would wear those.” Other patrons chimed in to show their support. My visual poem told the story of vintage-1960’s Hee Haw Television Show-Liberty overalls-Made in the USA, leopard sports tank, flowing locs and dangling earrings. The moment was most challenging for me, yet a brilliant opportunity to never be silent about my pain. And despite giving myself permission to look as I pleased I gave myself permission to stand up for me and all of those who’d ever experienced the same. In the spirit of things I picked up the remnants of my peace that had crashed, violently to the floor, and sent it prayerfully into spirit of that very combative brown broad and her beautiful brown children. -Gracie



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