Soothe Me Baby On My 34th Birthday :)

Soothe Me Baby On My 34th Birthday :)

Big kiss to all of you beautiful beings for taking the time out of your day to indulge me with well wishes on the day of my birth. Mama told me I was born at 7pm, moments after she ate a Big Mac, lol! I guess I was like I ain’t sharing her womb space with no processed shit, I want out lol! Mama spirit been strong this 34th. I couldn’t sleep last night. I cried and talked to her. I’m sad that she gave birth to me 34 years ago and is no longer on the planet. Driving to work I asked her for a song. The instant, Soothe Me Baby, by the R&B duet Sam and Ken came on! I love my brave bird! Thank you mama ❤

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