Ugly-a look with great character. Proud to be ugly. Redefine. Reawaken. Your ugly. -fKK

ImageFly KnickKnacks, art off the wall is a reminder that labels are for shelved items, not people. You, the people enhance this most whimsical side of the creative in each piece. As a visual and performance artist, activist, advocate, spiritualist, and poet I invest the same love and passion into my art work as I do into my life’s work. I use mixed media, vintage, and upcyled materials to maintain the best quality. I can transform anything into the most unusual version of itself or better than itself: jewelry, pendants, brooches’, buttons, pins, caboodle’s, handbags, fanny packs, magnets, collage, photo frames, key chains and trinket boxes. Fly KnickKnacks has an air of mysticism that combines both sacred and political messages. All pieces are one of a kind and blessed with magic. 🙂

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